April 5, 2012

We ♥ Kissaluvs

It's so exciting receiving fluffy mail!  It's even more exciting when I know my fluffy mail is going
to be a Kissaluvs diaper!  I love their diapers.  They fit Addison so well and {bonus!!} they're adorable!

I recently spoke with the president of Kissaluvs, Donna, and she was so incredibly kind and genuine.  We spoke about working together for a blog review and she asked what I would like to have sent to me.   I narrowed down my choices but told her I would love for her to surprise me.

Click on the picture for a better view of the text.

This is what showed up in my mailbox.
A Marvels All-in-One One Size in their new color Hip Pink!!
{Insert squeals here.}

I love this color-- the bright pink with the contrasting light pink snaps is just so cute.  The fleece inside is so soft, and even after washing it a few times, it has remained nice and soft.  It must feel amazing on Addison's skin.

All-in-Ones (AIO's) are my favorite for in the diaper bag, when we're going out for the day, and also for my husband.  He likes that if he has to grab one, he doesn't have to wrestle with stuffing an insert into a pocket, or even having to find an insert-- it's all sewn securely into the diaper.  I do adjust the rise to the perfect size to fit around her legs so all he has to do is snap the diaper around her waist.  If you want a little added security, there's a pocket in the back for you to stuff in an additional insert.  I'll add an extra insert for nap times or long car rides.

Plus, washing AIO's is so simple.  After taking them off Addison, I toss them in a wet bag (not worrying about removing an insert), and when it comes time to throw them in the wash, I do just that!  The insert will agitate itself out in the wash and then you can either put it in the dryer or hang to dry.  These diapers are fast drying!

This is a great all around diaper for everyone to use. (Fits babies 7-35lbs.)  Simple for those feeling overwhelmed by starting cloth diapering, a babysitter, grandparent... everyone.  Snap it on and go!  

If you're feeling the slightest bit overwhelmed, the blue packaging shown in the picture has directions for not only washing your diaper but also for how to put the diaper on.

Here's my little mover and shaker in her All-in-One.  In the last month she started crawling non-stop and it's so important to have a diaper on her that fits her nice and snug so I don't have to worry about leaks or the diaper coming loose.  

Fitteds are a love of mine and I adore this one-- Marvels One- Size in Mocca Swirl. 
I fold down the snaps for a perfect fit (recommended for babies 10-40lbs.)
I have a few ways of putting these on Addison;
1.  If we're hanging out around the house, the photo shows exactly how she wears them, no cover needed.
2. I love this diaper for when we're going on long car rides because I can add a bamboo insert and put a cover over it and she's good to go!  I haven't had a leak yet with it.
3. If you have a really heavy wetter, add an insert to the inside and outside of the diaper before putting on a cover.  You can really customize these to your needs.
{Kissaluvs has covers you can see here & here.}

This particular diaper is a regular in our diapering rotation and the bamboo inside has remained soft and when it starts to get dingy looking I put it in the sun and it goes back to looking like new.

Want to connect with Kissaluvs?  Visit them on Facebook!  I'm sure they would love to hear from you.

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{Thank you to Kissaluvs for providing me with a Marvels All-in-One diaper to review in return for my honest opinion.}

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Kelly said...

I wish I had these when my kids were small! Love them.